Wednesday, 27 February 2013

New Exhibition at The Power Station, Cwmbran. Featuring: Sandra Davies and Elaine Peece

The new Exhibition at The Power Station in Upper Cwmbran (running for six weeks) features the work of Sandra Davies and Elaine Preece from Torfaen Art Factory. Sandra is mainly a graphite artist, her work consists mainly of delicate drawings of animals and portraits, in this exhibition you will also she some of her acrylic paintings of woodland areas. Elaine is a painter and multimedia artists, her bold images of flowers are striking, in this exhibition Elaine is also showing some of her charcoal drawing of famous people.

Sandra Davies: Graphite Drawings and Acrylic Paintings

 Elaine Preece: Acrylic Painting, Multimedia Piece and Charcoal Drawings

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Torfaen Art factory Profile: Christine Duggan

General Information
Christine winning the Bill King Shield for photography in 2011
Christine was born in Newport where she went to St Julians High School. She attended University of Hull where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts honours degree. Christine then started training as a computer programmer with the Business Statistics Office (Tredegar Park) and married her husband whilst she was working there. Christine stayed with the BSO for four years until she moved to South Africa with her husband, where she got a job as an analyst programmer. During her 21 years spent in Africa, she worked as a support technician for Computer Associates Africa working on database software for mainframe computer systems. Christine's husband was an electrical engineer working mainly in the gold mines.
She returned to the UK in 2002 and she started training in Adobe Photoshop. After she had completed a few years training Christine was offered a job as a part time tutor for Torfaen.

How long have you been a member of Torfaen Art Factory?
I have been with the Art Factory for approximately five years.
How would you describe your artwork/style?
My style is photography/Photoshop. I particularly like what I call natural photography and I enjoy manipulating images to bring out the best as well as combining multiple photographs to create montages. I am also very interested in the restoration of old, damaged photographs.

What/who are your main influences and how do you see your work progressing?
My main influence has been Photoshop. I draw inspiration from nature and my surroundings often finding interesting subjects very close to home. It takes an experienced eye to seek out good photographic opportunities as well as new ways of presenting ideas in interesting and creative pictures and I would very much like to continue to develop my Photography and Photoshop skills.

 Christine's Photography

Avon Lwyd Cwmbran

Cwmbran Boating Lake

Heron At Cwmbran

Woods at Daybreak

Christine's Photographic Artwork

Blaenavon Montage

Monmouth Photo ball

Newport Montage